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Bitwarden password manager

About the importance of using strong and separated passwords and a great open source password manager to help you with all of that

Security article Martin Allien



How to generate Icon Webfont

Icon webfonts are a popular way of displaying icons on websites. Some argue, that using inline SVG might be better, but if webfonts are your thing, let’s have a look how to easily generate your own.

Webdev article Martin Allien


Elementary OS – AMD drivers

In this article we’ll have a look at AMD graphic drivers – making the best out of GPU is a must. And unfortunately on Linux (and moreover on Elementary OS), that can get quite hard

Linux article Martin Allien

Elementary OS – Apps & tweaks

New stable version of Elementary OS (0.3 Freya) has been released today – let’s see how to get the maximum of your fresh shiny OS

Linux article Martin Allien

Fixing boot issues on Ubuntu

There are times when something goes wrong with your Grub bootloader. Whatever the reason for breaking up your Grub is, there’s luckily very easy and foolproof way how to restore your bootloader.

Linux article Martin Allien