Hi & welcome to my humble piece of the net!

I’m Martin Allien, freelance UI/UX Designer based in Prague. I paint pixels, flirt with vectors and materialize all that as Front-end Developer.

Currently working on the coolest #crypto project at

  • Cryptocoins crypto – the most complete vector/webfont icon pack of all your favourite cryptocurrencies
  • Intro do kryptoměn cz | crypto – úvod a tipy kolem kryptoměn pro začátečníky
  • Antu icons GTK linux – colorful, yet elegant icon theme (based on franksouza183’s Antu) with focus on GTK desktops
  • HTML Character Reference dev – overview of HTML Character Entity References – not all of them, just the commonly used and somehow handy.
  • Link base – this place aggregates all the neat resources and stuff around the net. I want to keep the track of them, so why won’t I share?

Latest articles

I don’t always write articles, but when I do, it’s here: