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I’m Martin Allien, freelance UI/UX Designer based in Prague. I paint pixels, flirt with vectors and materialize all that as Front-end Developer.

Currently working on the coolest #crypto project at

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OnePlus 5/5T: Installing Magisk root & xXx NoLimits ROM

android 21 Apr 2019

We’ve unlocked a bootloader and installed TWRP on OnePlus 5 in the last article, now we’ll see how to make use of it - to root the phone with Magisk amd install xXx’s NoLimits custom ROM.

OnePlus 5/5T: Unlocking bootloader & Installing TWRP Recovery

android 20 Apr 2019

Guide for unlocking the bootloader and installing TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 5/5T. I will go over this on Linux, but it will surely work on Windows, as well as on macOS.

How to generate Icon Webfont

webdev 03 Jan 2017

Icon webfonts are a popular way of displaying icons on websites. Some argue, that using inline SVG might be better (eg. on CSS tricks and Sitepoint), but if webfonts are your thing, let’s have a look how to easily generate your own.

Elementary OS – AMD drivers

linux 05 Jul 2015

In this article we’ll have a look at AMD graphic drivers – making the best out of GPU is a must. And unfortunately on Linux (and moreover on Elementary OS), that can get quite hard.

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