About this site


Written and graphical content on this site is licenced by  Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 licence. You can freely use it as long as you give me proper attribution:

Martin Allien with link to https://allien.work or
@AllienWorks with link to twitter.com/AllienWorks

Privacy policy

Technically and philosophically speaking, this site respects your privacy and (almost) doesn’t track you.

  • No ads, sponsored content or pop-ups
  • No dark patterns (I hate those as I’m sure you do, even though they may have good conversion rates)
  • No 3rd party resources (all resources loaded locally)
  • ..except my self-hosted analytics Matomo instance with anonymized IPs (last 2 bytes), which is respecting the Do Not Track preference (I’m still interested how you use this site, but not exploiting it)
  • HTTPS used everywhere possible
  • This site works perfectly without JavaScript enabled

I wish I could build sites like this all the time.