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How to generate Icon Webfont

1. Mar, 2017

Icon webfonts are a popular way of displaying icons on websites. Some argue, that using inline SVG might be better (eg. on CSS tricks and Sitepoint), but if webfonts are your thing, let's have a look how to easily generate your own.

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Why I'm loving KDE on my Linux workstation

24. Feb, 2017

When it came to Linux desktop environments, I was—until recently—a very die-hard Gnome user. Thanks to some issues, I tried to experiment with other DEs. I went full-on with Gnome, Gnome Classic, Deepin, Pantheon and KDE Plasma on my /fav Antergos distro. And to my surprise, I liked KDE the most.

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Cryptocoins 2.0 release

19. Aug, 2015

I haven’t wrote a long time about Cryptocoins, so here’s some news about the latest updates all-in-one!

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Can I use.. ~ cheat-sheet for browser compatibility

14. Mar, 2013

Everyone seems to be in this CSS 3 madness. Sure, but you should keep in mind, that not every CSS is supported across different browsers. And Can I Use.. is here to help you out.

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