Antu Icons GTK

Continuation of @franksouza183’s Antu icon theme. Originally for KDE, Antu icons GTK extends support to GTK desktops and new apps.

As a user of dark UIs, I’m currently working only on AntuDark variant. The others are kept as they were, for future work.

Antu icons GTK


  1. clone or download ZIP of this repo
  2. copy folders to either ~/.icons/ (for your user only) or to /usr/share/icons/ (for all users)

Missing icons

If you’re missing your favourite apps, feel free to open up an issue on Github and I’ll try to fill them up. Be sure to include app’s name and a link to the original icon as well.


  • Credits for majority of icons goes to @franksouza183, who is the original icon pack’s author
  • Thanks to @jcqSCH, who made the original icons available for download