17. Sep, 2016

BRICKst is yet another mobile-first CSS framework for kickstarting your projects

Say hi to yet another (S)CSS framework. BRICKst is (heavily) inspired by ZURB's Foundation, takes the best of its code and philosophy, applies it in minimal fashion and some little tweaks, which I found useful.

BRICKst is constantly in development, however slow the progress may be. I'm gradually building smaller projects on it and therefore adding missing features in the meantime.

All code tweaks, little hacks and stuff are appreciated (e.g. in case you find some unfitting solutions).

Homepage & demo in preparation, not available at the moment ([index.html] itself serves as a demo for now).

Demo & Download

Installation & Usage

Download or clone this repo, all the files you need are located in dist/ folder. Copy them over to your project and start building your app with BRICKst.

index.html and other files in root folder are for demo/docs purposes, you can refer to index.html anytime you need help. Dedicated website with proper docs will come when BRICKst is somehow ready for production.


Released under MIT Licence | Copyright © 2016+ Martin Allien