Intro to Bitcoin

23. Jun, 2017

Few tips and pointer for your easier journey into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Note: English version is still unfinished; please come back later.

I. Learn about Bitcoin


II. How to get Bitcoin?

Everyone will tell you that the best way to get Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) is by accepting it for your services. While this may be true, it could take some time before someone would want to pay you in crypto. Here is a list of few places where you can get BTC (and others) for your fiat (EUR, USD, CZK etc.):


  • BitSquare BTC - private and decentralized exchange featuring crypto-fiat and BTC-altcoin exchange. Offers probably highest privacy, but suffers from low liquidity and smaller amount of users (no personal experience).
  • Localbitcoins BTC – peer to peer exchange of BTC and fiat currencies directly between users. Provides arguably better privacy than centralized exchanges, but is considerably more expensive.
  • Coinbase BTC ETH LTC - favourite centralized & licenced crypto-fiat exchange. Allows periodic buys directly from your debit card. You'll need to verify yourself (by government-issued ID) to buy/sell.
  • Bitstamp BTC - popular centralized & licenced crypto-fiat exchange (no personal experience).
  • Litecoinlocal LTC - Litecoin's alternative to Localbitcoins (peer to peer).


  • Bitcoin ATMs - fast and straight-forward way to get BTC. They work like your ordinary bank ATMs, but instead of cash, you get BTC.

III. Where to spend Bitcoin?

  • Coinmap – probably the most popular, interactive map of Bitcoin-accepting venues.