8. Sep, 2017

Collection of encryption tools for various needs and tastes. Focus on multiplatform apps with ideally open and free source.


  • MEGA
    Win macOS Linux Android iOS
    generous cloud storage with end-to-end encryption and 50 GB of free space


  • RIOT
    web Win macOS Linux Android iOS
    free & open source, federated messenger with optional account-based end-to-end encryption (for each chat/room separately). Visual cross-over between IRC/Slack and traditional IM.
  • Wire
    web Win macOS Linux Android iOS
    lovely minimalistic, free & open source messenger with always on multi-device encryption. Supports also encrypted calls and videocalls.


  • Standard Notes
    web Win macOS Linux Android iOS
    encrypted & hosted notes, text-only (supports markdown). Extensions in paid version at $4.99/month.
  • Turtl
    Win macOS Linux Android (iOS soon)
    personal vault not-just-for-notes. Store passwords, bookmarks etc. A bit weird UI, but that's subject of personal taste.


  • KeePassXC
    Win macOS Linux
    fork of a fork, a multiplatform community edition of KeePass. Must-have vault for passwords and every other important, private information. Offers a lot of customizability, strong random password generators and much more. Based on KeePassX, has a faster development and more features (eg. support for YubiKeys) thanks to its community.