Cryptocoins icons

Cryptocoins is the most complete free vector iconpack of your favourite cryptocurrencies

Available in webfont & SVG format for taking advantage of small file sizes and unlimited scalability, Cryptocoins are perfect for usage on the web – right where they belong. Use them all or just the ones you need.

Cryptocoins on GitHub Online demo


There are many ways/formats how to use Cryptocoins. The fastest and recommended way is via SVG directly. Or use the webfont version if you want to include all icons at once:

  • via SVG recommended – when you need just a few icons in your project
  • Webfont version – ideal when you want to include all icons at once
  • NPM package – npm i cryptocoins-icons
  • CDN – both SVG icons and the webfont are available on jsDelivr

Requesting new icons

Project is no longer maintained, unfortunately. It’s become a public archive. No other following icon request will be accepted.


Cryptocoins is a result of joint effort of all its contributors – thanks!