My skills at your service

I’m a Web/Graphic Designer & Front-end Developer prefering clean and minimalist solutions to preserve usability and good orientation.

Function should be always a priority, as UX is more important than eye-candy. Focusing on accessibility, respecting users’ privacy and generally having a nice time on the web.

What I do

  • Websites, A–to–Z, from design to development and hosting (including CMS – content management systems)
  • Graphic design – think custom icon design, logos, print…
  • Hosting – your website, emails
  • Online Profile management – what’s your online presence without social networks and content hubs nowadays?

Why work with me?

  • Common design patterns – I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. I use standard layouts that users know and are familiar with
  • Icon design – even the smallest details are worth paying attention to. I’ll draw icons in the style of your brand.
  • Privacy and security – I avoid Wordpress, excessive JavaScript and more… I load third-party code locally and try to minimize dependency on external services.
  • Rational minimalism – less is often really more, and in the flood of leaky code libraries this is doubly true. No need to sacrifice web speed for cheap animations that will be “out” in a few years.
  • Timeless classics – I don’t blindly follow trends that change every six months. I’m cultivating a classic design that users know and are familiar with - and that’s the most important thing.

Feeling the urge for cooperation?

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